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Saturday, April 25, 2009

Fully Automated Turnkey Affiliate Websites – Review Of Top Sites

Not everyone does fully automated turnkey affiliate websites well. Some of the models we came across are either too outdated or their scripts are not automated or advanced enough. When we set out to find a suitable turnkey affiliate website model, we set a set of criteria.

1. User-friendliness
2. Easy to set up
3. Customizable according to user’s needs
4. High-conversion and hot selling products

We reviewed a dozen of turnkey affiliate websites and only managed to find 2 that satisfy the above criteria. Here’s a review of those 2 which we ranked accordingly.

Instant Affiliate Website By Mike Filsaime

The man behind Instant Affiliate Website, Mike Filsaime is a household name in the internet marketing business. This turnkey affiliate website is not only fully automated, it does a lot more than what you would expect from a fully automated turnkey affiliate website.

Other than listing his best selling products on the turnkey site where you can sell as an affiliate, you can even add your own affiliate products. Customization is the key to differentiate you from other affiliates. Having a cookie cutter lookalike website just like thousands of other affiliates is not going to help. This is where the Instant Affiliate Website outperforms other competitors. You can actually customize it according to your needs.

There are altogether 11 ways you can make money with the fully automated turnkey affiliate website. You make money from Mike’s products, your other affiliate products from any network such as Clickbank, Paydotcom, etc, your own products, backend products built into Instant Affiliate Website and others.

You can even build a list by adding your autoresponder code into the plug-in section of the website.

What we like about the site is its ease of use. Customization is flexible and you can turn the website into a unique website but yet retain its turnkey features. On top of that, we like the way it was built with search engine optimization in mind. The site map, navigation and search-engine friendly pages make it easier to rank in Google. Hosting is provided for your turnkey site as well.

Find out more about Instant Affiliate Website


ProfitMart is another fully automated turnkey affiliate website created by Rick W Davies. This man is not new to the affiliate marketing game at all. With the turnkey site, an affiliate can get a ready made site that promotes Clickbank, Amazon, Ebay and Adsense.

You can literally find all the products for any niche that you can think of.

We tested the site and like the way that they arrange the products. The beauty of using ProfitMart is that we can test out which niche converts well easily. All we need to do is send traffic to a particular niche product page and see if it does well.

If you were a niche marketer, you would know how tedious it is to test niches. You have to create a review page, website or blog before you can even test its conversions. With this fully automated turnkey affiliate website, all we need to do is send traffic to whichever niche we want to try.

Similar to Instant Affiliate Website, we like the way we can customize and add content to the website to make it unique.

There is one special feature which we like about the ProfitMart program. They have an advertising co-op where they will pay for your advertising by matching every dollar of advertising you spend.

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Fully Automated Turnkey Affiliate Websites

Fully automated turnkey affiliate websites are every affiliate marketer’s dream. In order for an affiliate marketer to be successful in marketing a product, he/she often has to purchase a domain, get webhosting, create a website, set up the payment code and prepare the presale copy before the website is ready to make money for him/her. And affiliates do not just have 1 website. Very often, the successful affiliate will own tons of website.

Imagine the number of hours that goes into preparing these websites or presale pages before they are ready to make money?

What are the advantages of owning a fully automated turnkey affiliate website?

1. Full Automation – Complete Hands-Off Approach

With fully automated turnkey affiliate websites, everything is taken care of, the webhosting, the presale copy, the graphics and the entire shopping cart. There is only 1 thing you as an affiliate need to do, that is to drive traffic! Talking about convenience.

2. Wide Selection of Products

A good turnkey affiliate website will feature a wide selection of products so that your visitors will be able to find what they need.

3. Focused Marketing Efforts

And with huge offerings, you only need to focus on sending visitors to one site instead of many. It can take a lot of time to drive traffic to many different sites, with each promoting only 1 product.

4. Constantly Updated Products and Content

Did you know that for some of the professional turnkey affiliate websites, they regularly update their product catalogs with new products for you to sell? This is no need for any updates on your part. The content is always fresh and up to date.

Let us take a look at some of the most successful fully automated turnkey affiliate websites in the internet marketing business in our next blog post.

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